Our Services


The fundamental purpose of Fiber Brokers is to provide a critical service to police departments, military agencies, and manufacturing companies throughout North America by securely destroying and recycling an otherwise indestructible material. We accept, free of charge for our service, a wide variety of aramid fibers to be destroyed and recycled, thereby keeping them from entering landfill waste streams.


Fiber Brokers International is currently capable of destroying and recycling the following aramid fibers:

  • Zylon®
  • Twaron®
  • Kevlar®

Although we do not currently have recycling capabilities for other meta-aramid and para-aramid fibers, we are able to accept and destroy all varieties of expired soft body armor.


We are always expanding our efforts to reduce the negative impact of waste on the environment, and with this goal in mind, have begun development on recycling a variety of other products including, but not limited to: plastic, paper/cardboard, carbon fiber, cotton, nylon, as well as a variety of other fibers. Feel free to contact us regarding ways that we can assist in the development of your disposal and recycling needs.